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5 Reasons You Need Some “Me Time”

When is the last time you had a little “me time?” Women are so great at taking care of their partners, their kids, their family and friends. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves, and time solely devoted to ourselves is something we almost never get. But by not taking time for yourself, you’re missing out on so much! There are lots of reasons why being alone or doing something just for yourself is mentally and physically beneficial.

1. “Me Time” Gives You Moments to Think Deeply

My to-do list is a mile long. When I think about everything I need to get done, I can feel really overwhelmed. The constant whirling of our days makes it hard to concentrate and have deep, meaningful thoughts. This prevents creativity and productivity. If you’re feeling run-down, you need to take a little time for yourself.

The “Me Time” That Works
When I need time to think, I go for long walks. Sometimes I bring music with me or I just listen to the birds. Solitary walks provide few distractions and give you time to be with just your thoughts. I do some of my best brainstorming when I go for walks.

2. Being Away from your Phone is a Good Thing

I’m a self-proclaimed social media addict. I could scroll for hours on Instagram or Facebook, but the constant bells, dings and app notifications can actually cause a real addiction. Being glued to your phone means you could miss out on real, actual awesomeness. And seeing what everyone else is doing can make you feel anxious, jealous or inadequate. “Me Time” away from the phone is a lot better than spending an hour alone searching through hashtags. Trust me.

The “Me Time” That Works
The next time you go out, leave your phone at home. Whether it’s a date with your spouse, catching up with friends or a trip to the salon, don’t bring your phone with you. Just engage with the people around you, and you’ll see how taking that time for yourself actually improves your relationships.

3. “Me Time” Helps You Unwind

Pick up the kids. Finish that project at work. Make dinner. Vacuum. Book a doctor’s appointment. Get groceries…in all of that, when are you supposed to relax? Constant stress can cause serious health problems, which is why scheduling time to unwind is really important. Stress can cause problems all through your body, like preventing sleep, causing headaches, tensing muscles, damaging your liver, and even making you infertile. Scheduling time for you to relax is vital in staying healthy.

The “Me Time” That Works
Take a bubble bath. Book a massage. Get your nails done. Meditate. Do something that you love or that feels like a treat. During that time, don’t let anything bother you – no kids asking for help with their homework, no husbands asking what’s for dinner, no texts from your boss. It’s just you, a great book and a bottle of wine (or two – no judgement here.)

4. ‘Me Time” Gives You Life Experiences

Products that provide an experience (like an instrument that lets you make a song) provides as much enjoyment as a life experience like a vacation. When you’re thinking about what to do with your free time, consider products or activities that give you a happy or new experience. This is your chance to explore and find out what you like!

The “Me Time” That Works
This could be almost anything. Play a board game or video game. Play an instrument, write poetry, play basketball, try a new food or, dare I say, book a boudoir shoot. Do something fun or something that makes you feel accomplished. You’ll grow as a person.

5. “Me Time” Helps You Connect with Others

Taking time for you doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Spending time with others is actually a great way to spend your free time! Humans are social, and we want to spend time with others by nature. In fact, feeling connected to others is essential in feeling happy.

The “Me Time” That Works
When I want to connect, I’ll have a Girl’s Day with my friends. I’ll take a brewery tour with friends or I’ll plan a game night. I also love group exercise classes. Zumba, for example, is great because you meet other awesome women and get in a seriously great workout. Whatever you choose to do, spending time with others is what really counts.

A study at the University of Michigan found that the lack of “me time” is a bigger cause of unhappiness than bad sex in a marriage! If you want to make yourself happier, you want to be more productive or you want better relationships with friends and family, then take time to do things you like. Try something new! Take a walk. Discover something about yourself. It will benefit your mind and body.


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