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Too Shy for Boudoir? Guess Again!

When you hear the word “boudoir” what comes to mind? Strutting your stuff in lingerie or maybe *gulp* less than that? For some women, lingerie and nudity is empowering. For others, they feel sexier more covered up. Even if you’re shy or modest, you can still enjoy a boudoir photo shoot. Tee shirts, sweaters, long socks and robes can be super sexy!

Silky, flowy blouses are gorgeous, sexy and flattering. And they are perfect for showing a little skin, but not too much. The mystery of not seeing this woman’s face also adds to the sexiness.

Lips – probably one of the sexiest parts of your body that we often forget. Close ups of your mouth are tantalizing enough for any onlooker.

This may be a personal preference, but I think tee shirts are super sexy. And they are perfect for boudoir shoots! Tee shirts often show our personalities, which makes shooting in them even better.

If you want to remain a little more covered up, men’s shirts do the trick. If you pull them down off your shoulder, your showing off your gorgeous decolletage without anything too risque. Plus, a lot of husbands love seeing their wives in their clothing. (Side note – anyone think it’s unfair that men’s clothing is so much more comfy than women’s?)

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*Please note the above photos are not mine and are for inspiration. Click the photo to be taken to the original source.


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