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The Perfect Groom’s Gift for Your Wisconsin Wedding

What do you give to the person who is your whole world? One present doesn’t seem to do your groom or wedding day any justice! He deserves everything! Finding the perfect groom’s gift can seem like just another overwhelming task on your bridal to-do list (I’ve been there, so I feel ya), but it can actually be an amazing and wonderful experience. There’s a perfect gift out there that your future husband and you can both enjoy.

Bridal boudoir photography is the perfect groom’s gift. I have yet to meet a husband who felt otherwise. A keepsake of something so beautiful, intimate and downright sexy is a gift your husband will always cherish. Plus, I think it’s fun to give the groom a boudoir book the morning of your wedding to REALLY get him excited for your marriage.


The best part of a boudoir shoot? You’ll have fun doing it! You’ll feel empowered, sexy, and glamorous. For many women, boudoir is a big self-esteem boost. Most of my boudoir clients walk into my studio feeling a little nervous and reserved, and by the end of our session, they are ready to strut their stuff like a true bombshell. It’s amazing what an hour in lingerie can do. A boudoir photo shoot also gives you a little break from all things wedding. The last few months of my wedding planning were hectic and stressful. You deserve to take a step back from all of that and pamper yourself. Make a day of it! A boudoir shoot at Buxom is like a mini-party, and it’s just what you might need when your wedding is only a few months away.

Not sure what lingerie to bring to your photo shoot for the perfect groom’s gift? Download my Free ebook “What to Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot.


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