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Sexy Gifts He Will Love

Shopping for guys is hard! Coming up with the perfect gifts for my husband is always tricky, especially since our anniversary, his birthday and Christmas are all in the same month. And let’s face it, video games, sporting goods and tools are fine, but sometimes we want to give our partners something sexy! (I gave my husband a sexy gift for our wedding, and it was the best decision ever!) So let’s talk about the options out there that your husband or boyfriend will love.

A Boudoir Book

If your partner travels, a small boudoir book is the SEXIEST. GIFT. EVER! It easily slips into luggage and when your hunnie is missing you, he can pull it out (the book that is) and remember what a fine woman he has waiting for him at home. I guarantee he will want to catch the next flight home when he sees the gift you gave him.

A Sexy Photo for His Nightstand

Guys don’t normally care too much for interior decorating, but I’ll bet when your husband or boyfriend sees this gift, he’ll care about what goes next to the lamp on his nightstand. There’s something so sensual about a photo that shows a little skin placed in a beautiful frame.


Lingerie is basically a gift for him and for you. I always feel gorgeous in a beautiful baby doll or bra and panty set. You’ll feel amazing and your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you. If you really want to surprise your significant other, give him a series of boudoir photos of you wearing the lingerie with a little note reminding him of what’s to come. Wink wink.

Feeling inspired? Your hubby won’t know what to do with these sexy gifts, and I promise it will be a birthday or anniversary your man never forgets.

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