Portrait Photography for the Modern Women

Portrait photography has come a long way since glamour shots in the 1980s. Portrait photography now is about showing timeless beauty, elegance, class and sophistication. When I create portraits with boudoir photography, I want to bring out the inner goddess I know lives in every woman. A buxom babe is beautiful, sensual and 100% totally sexy. Anyone can be a buxom babe – it just takes a little encouragement.

What a Portrait Session is Like with Buxom

A portrait session at my studio in Port Washington, Wisconsin will unleash that babe. We pump the music, we laugh and joke. We’re essentially throwing a party that celebrates you. Wear whatever helps you feel beautiful. Get your hair and makeup professionally done. Embrace your inner babe.

Take Time for Yourself

The modern woman is so busy with work, family, appointments and meetings that we often forget to take time for ourselves. When is the last time you had a moment to yourself? Or you had a photo taken OF YOU? You deserve to pamper yourself, and boudoir portrait photography is a wonderful way to do so.

portraits for the modern woman