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Ms. J and a Booty That Won’t Quit

Ms. J was amazing! She was so funny and down to earth. She decided to take some sexy photos for her fiance, and I think it’s pretty obvious she’s going to have a very happy husband.

Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate Ms. J’s booty. It’s beautiful! In addition to having a wonderful body, super sexy lingerie and a booty that won’t quit, Ms. J really was a dream to work with. I had so much fun photographing her at my studio in Port Washington.

The best part about shooting Ms. J, to me, was her smile. Funny thing is that Ms. J mentioned she didn’t care for her smile. Isn’t that the way it always goes though? The things we are most self-conscience about are the things other people find the most beautiful. She has a wonderful smile and I’m glad she let me capture it!






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