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Little Fibs So Your Hubby Doesn’t Find Out About Your Boudoir Photos

Possibly the hardest part of a boudoir shoot is figuring out how to sneak away from your home for a few hours without anyone getting suspicious. If you live with your boyfriend or you’re married, you probably don’t want your special someone to learn about your boudoir photos. Lying is a definite no-no when it comes to relationships, but a little fib about your boudoir shoot won’t get your spouse upset. They’ll actually be really happy about it once they see the photos. If you need a little help coming up with ways to get out of the house, here’s a list to give you some ideas.

I’m Having a Girl’s Day with Some Friends

This isn’t even a total lie! You’ll be spending the day with other girls, and if you’re bringing a friend with for moral support, then it really is a girl’s day. And since you’re claiming to have a girl’s day, your spouse won’t be curious about why your hair and makeup is done because makeovers are pretty essential for a girl’s day.

I’m Going Shopping at the Mall

Malls take forever to get through, so being gone for a few hours won’t seem weird at all. Plus there are hair and makeup counters you can say you hit up, which would explain your curls and boudoir makeup. Plus, old shopping bags are a great way to sneak your lingerie and shoes from the boudoir shoot back into the house. It’s not like your husband will look through your shopping bags when you get home. Let’s be real…

I Have an Appointment at the Salon

Haircuts and styling don’t normally take a couple of hours, but I’m guessing your spouse doesn’t know that. When you get home and you’re feeling yourself and taking a bunch of selfies, your spouse will assume it’s because of your hair appointment and not the fact that you just rocked a boudoir shoot.

I’m Having my Hair and Makeup Trial

This excuse is perfect if you’re getting married soon. You’ll get home looking like a million bucks, and your spouse will just think it’s because of your hair trial. Most women choose curls for their boudoir shoot, so when you tell your fiance you’re going to your actual trial, just tell him it’s because you decided you wanted an updo instead.

I don’t condone lying in a relationship, but a little fib so you can sneak off and take sexy pictures? I’m down for that, and I’m sure your special someone would be too.

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