Kohler Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Feeling great about your body is closer than you think. Buxom Boudoir is located in Port Washington, Wisconsin, which is just a 30 minute drive from Kohler. At Buxom, you’ll have the opportunity to fall in love with your body; you’ll see how sexy and amazing it is.

kohler wisconsin boudoir

Perks of Being Near Kohler, Wisconsin

Have you ever taken the drive south to Port? I know Kohler, Wisconsin is pretty, but so is Port Washington! It’s a wonderful city with a cozy downtown along Lake Michigan. After your boudoir shoot, you can take a 5 minute drive downtown to grab a cup of coffee, check out a local winery, shop at small boutiques or treat yourself to homemade chocolates and ice cream. I always encourage my clients to go out and do something fun after their shoot since they’ll look like bombshells. You could also head back to Kohler and enjoy a cocktail at the Horse and Plow or dinner at the American Club.

Kohler is near amazing, independent lingerie stores. Allure Intimate Apparel is a bit of a drive in Mequon WI (but it’s worth it), designer Madalyn Joy resides in Port Washington and rents out her gorgeous lingerie, and Scentualties is right there in Kohler, Wisconsin.

What Happens During a Boudoir Shoot

When you arrive, we will look through your wardrobe options. Together, we will choose the best options for your shoot. Don’t worry about bringing too much. I’d rather have more than less. I also have pieces you can borrow. My hair and makeup artist will discuss what look you would like and turn you into the fierce babe you are. I’ll pour you a glass of water, we’ll get to know one another, and then we’ll start shooting! From start to finish, your session (hair and makeup, photo shoot and setting up your final appointment) will last 2-3 hours. Once your photos are edited and finalized, I’ll invite you back for a private reveal session when you choose the photos you want.

Want to learn more about boudoir photography? Send me an email. Let’s set up your appointment and show you how unbelievably sexy you are.