Intimate Portraits

Intimate portraits will show you how sensual, sexy and beautiful you are. Take time to appreciate your body. Take time to enjoy being in your skin. Take time to celebrate how amazing you are.

How does an Intimate Portrait session work?

Before your portrait session, you’ll be pampered by talented hair and makeup artists. Buxom Boudoir’s artists will consult with you to create the perfect look. If you’re unsure of what you want, that’s ok! My hair and makeup artists will help you unleash the bombshell I know you have inside.

“I loved everything about my shoot!.. I can’t say I was nervous, however, I was beyonddddd excited! The moment I walked into the studio I was even more ecstatic to do something I have been wanting to do for 3 years! Alicia makes you feel so welcomed and the hair and make up team is awesome! My hair not only held up for all the rolling around I was doing, but I also napped on it, slept on it for 9 hours, AND wore it to work the next day! I highly recommend Alicia and her team! If this is something you have been thinking about…DO IT!!!!” – Babe A

When you arrive, we will look through your wardrobe options. Together, we will choose the best options for your shoot. Don’t worry about bringing too much. I’d rather have more than less. From start to finish, your session (hair and makeup, photo shoot and setting up your final appointment) will last 2-3 hours.

An Intimate Portrait Reveal Session

The reveal session is my favorite moment of a boudoir experience. This is the moment when you see how stunning and badass you are. This is when you appreciate your body and all it’s done for you. In a quick, second appointment at my portrait studio, you’ll get to choose your favorite photos from your session. This is when you can create your album, choose a portrait for a metal print or pick out digitals. I always schedule reveal sessions around your schedule because I know how busy we all can get.

Night Boudoir Shoot at Rio Hotel Las Vegas

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