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How to Prep for Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

You’ve decided to do bridal boudoir! Whoot whoot! It will be an amazing experience, and your future hubby is sure to love the gift. But there are a few things you need to do before your photo shoot to make sure everything looks amazing.

Paint Your Nails

Your hands and feet will be in your photos more than you might think, and your nails are an easy thing to overlook. Make sure you’ve painted your nails or scheduled a mani and pedi just before your shoot. Your hair and makeup will look beautiful – your nails should too!

Pack Your Veil and Garter

If you’re headed to your bridal boudoir shoot, make sure you’ve packed your bridal accessories. A garter or a veil is the perfect way to bring a piece of your wedding day to your shoot. You can also shoot in your bridal shoes or bridal lingerie. Make sure you’ve purchased these items before you book your shoot. You’ll want to make sure you have them when you head to your sexy photo shoot.

Avoid a Big Dinner

The night before your bridal boudoir photo shoot, avoid eating a big dinner or late night snacks. You’ll want to avoid feeling sick or bloated during the big day. Avoid grease and salt the night before your shoot, and eat a light breakfast beforehand. You’ll want to keep your energy up!

These little tips should help you feel extra sexy during your boudoir shoot. Bridal boudoir photos are seriously one of the best gifts you could give your future partner (and yourself).

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