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Glamour Photography is Out and Boudoir is In!

Remember glamour photography? It was popular in the 80s and showcased a lot of bright backgrounds, heavy airbrush, big hair and either large amounts of tulle, feathers or leather. Thankfully, glamour shots are a thing of the past and something better has replaced it. If you thought glamour shots were cool, it’s time to explore boudoir.

The idea behind glamour shots was great. You get all dressed up, you get your hair and makeup done, and you get professional photos taken of yourself so you feel like a million bucks. Everyone should get to experience a person photo shoot at some time in their life, and during the 80s and 90s, glamour shots did exactly what they said they would – make you feel glamorous!

If you want to feel beautiful now, book a boudoir shoot. It’s a one of a kind experience that gives you all the glamour you could want. You’ll feel powerful and sexy. Most women leave a boudoir photo shoot feeling like a bombshell! The empowerment you gain from a boudoir shoot far exceeds anything glamour shots could have done for you.

For fun, let’s relive the glamour shot days, and let’s be thankful we don’t bedazzle all of our clothes anymore.

Source: Susan Lewis

Source: Ellen TV
Source: Ellen
Source: Ellen

And here’s what you could be enjoying with boudoir photography:

Much better right?


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