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The Funny and Not at All Awkward Ms. A

When Ms. A arrived at the studio in Port Washington, she was ready to shoot! She was excited, and I was excited. But as we were shooting, she confessed that was sure she was going to look awkward in all the photos. I get it – I mean, boudoir poses aren’t exactly “natural.” And if you’re camera shy, then the fear that you won’t look good in your photos is totally normal. It’s my job to make sure you look amazing, and I was prepared to do just that. With Ms. A, though, it really didn’t take much work on my part!


I think it’s pretty obvious that Ms. A was anything but awkward! She was amazing, and we had such a great time working together. She just got married, and this is a special gift for her new hubby. They both loved the photos, and I love them too!








What do you think? Is Ms. A gorgeous or what?!


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