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Forever a Bride Boudoir Photo Shoot with Babe G

We women spend hours upon hours planning our weddings, from big details like hiring a wedding venue to tiny details, like what pair of earrings we are going to wear. We try so hard to make sure we look amazing on that special day, and I think it’s unfair that once midnight hits, you never get to wear those perfect items again. We find the perfect dress, the best shoes, gorgeous jewelry and comfy bridal robes – none of which we really ever put on again. You should get to be a bride every day of your marriage, not just one. That’s why my clients can have a bridal boudoir shoot no matter how long they’ve been married. Bring your head piece. Rock that veil. Let’s get a bouquet of flowers! You’re forever a bride – and don’t you forget it.

Babe G did a boudoir photo shoot with me right when I was getting started, and she decided to book again. She’s one of my dearest friends and we had so much fun the first time that she wanted to get dolled up again. This time, we made it bridal, even though she’s been married for several years. I think these photos prove that whether you’re a newlywed or celebrating a golden anniversary, bridal boudoir is really for anyone.




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