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How I Felt During My Boudoir Shoot

I talk a lot about confidence, empowerment and sexiness when I bring up boudoir. I can talk the talk, but I’m sure you’re wondering if I can walk the walk.

I completely understand what my clients are going through because I’ve been there. I’ve hired a photographer, I’ve gotten glammed up, and I’ve shot half naked in my underwear! And you know what, IT WAS AWESOME!

Yeah, I was a little nervous, especially since some of my lingerie was pretty revealing. I almost never see myself as a “sexy woman.” Cute? Ok. Pretty? I can pull that off sometimes. But definetly not sexy, so spending an hour focused solely on how sexy I am was intimidating.

It was so worth it, though. I felt beautiful. I trusted my photographer completely to put me in poses I’d look great in. When my photos came in, I couldn’t believe it was me. And the best part? My husband loved getting them after our wedding! He carried that boudoir book like it was the most valuable thing he owned.

If you’re thinking “I can’t do boudoir” because you’re nervous, awkward or you don’t think you’re pretty enough – I’m gonna stop you right there. I felt the same way before my shoot and I’m so happy I didn’t let my worries or insecurities get the best of me. You shouldn’t either!


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