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Champagne and Chocolate with Babe E

Babe E….there are no words for how much fun I had shooting with her. Her energy was boundless, and she was up for anything. Plus, she brought so many amazing clothes! I wouldn’t mind having a closet likes that.

Babe E is no stranger to the camera, and I’ve actually worked with her before as a makeup artist. But I never got to be the photographer! She nailed pose after pose after pose. I actually learned a lot from her. I can’t wait to use some of the poses she created with other boudoir clients.

To make this photo shoot extra special, we popped some bubbly and treated ourselves to truffles. Champagne and chocolate added even more deliciousness to this series. If you’re going to treat yourself to a boudoir shoot, you may as well go overboard, right? I’m pretty sure calories don’t count when you’re doing a photo shoot. And Babe E knew how to work the candy and champagne in the shoot. At one point, she even poured champagne on herself. That’s commitment.










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