Celebrate Yourself

You’ve accomplished incredible things with your body, and it’s time to celebrate how amazing it is! Let’s throw a party in your body’s honor and give it the love and attention it deserves. Let’s fall in love with every wrinkle, roll, freckle and dimple. You’re a sexy and powerful woman. It’s time to recognize it.

At Buxom Boudoir, we celebrate through photography. We wear what makes us feel good, we blast music, we laugh, we joke and we talk about all the things that make us awesome. We step outside of our comfort zone and conquer our fears and self-doubts. Boudoir is an incredibly empowering experience that every woman should enjoy at least once in her lifetime.

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“After seeing (my) pictures I realized what everyone else sees. I always saw something different, and I didn’t like my body, but now I realize that I am a beautiful women inside and OUT!” – Babe A