radiant photo shoot

Radiant Babe: Nichole

Recently, I had the honor of photographing a phenomenal group of babes. It was a day of laughter, self-love and growth. During the shoot, I asked each one to tell me about their relationships with their bodies, and each woman had a different story to tell. They were allowed to share as much or as […]

halloween boudoir mummy

Maternity Boudoir for a “Mummy”-To-Be

(Ok, she’s already a mummy, but I wanted the pun! I live for puns!) Our bodies change a lot over our lifetime, and they change even more after we die. Not only was this babe experiencing changes due to her pregnancy, but her recent mummification was causing all sorts of changes, too. That’s a lot […]

vampire boudoir shoot

Blood Sucking and Body Positivity

Even vampires need self-love and body positivity sometimes. After millennia on earth, there’s bound to be a day or two of self-hatred. Fangs aren’t sharp enough, skin isn’t pale enough, eyes are too red…the list of insecurities could go on and on, and this vampire goddess had a few. Together, though, we were able to […]

Mequon Boudoir Photography

RADIANT: A Self-Love Group Session

Our bodies, although different colors, shapes, sizes and heights, are radiant. They are glorious. They are celebratory. Our bodies are undeniably worthy of love and appreciation, and this group of amazing ladies came together to show just that. We were all vastly different, but our similarities and willingness to grow brought us together. Myself and […]

self love boudoir session

Sex, Glitter and a Pun

Self-love should be a celebration, and what better way to boogie than with confetti, sequins and colorful lights. When Babe K came to the studio for a creative session, we hit it off immediately and got to talking about the importance of self-care and accepting our bodies. We also chit chatted about tacos, sang along […]

Boudoir Photography Port Washington WI

Sparkles, Rhinestones and Self-Love

You know why I love Babe N? Because when I said “bring sparkles or rave attire to your shoot” she brought it, and she brought it hard. She pulled a tiny crown, a sequined tank top and rhinestone pasties from her bag, and I knew we were going to have an epic shoot. She even […]

Taking On Boudoir Again

Babe M is back, and she’s still kicking boudoir booty. We shot earlier this year, and apparently she had fun or something, because she came back and we did a creative session at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee. Yay! I love repeat clients because they know what to expect and they are ready to […]

self love in the woods

Self-Love in the Woods

Before this summer comes to an official end, I wanted to share this glorious outdoor session with my friend and fellow boudoir photographer, Babe P. The first time we met it was for coffee to chit chat about business and the wonderful struggles of the entrepreneurial life. We clicked. Our vibes were in sync, so […]

Bridal Boudoir at Iron Horse Hotel

Brides of Every Age Deserve to Feel Beautiful

When we think of bridal boudoir or you do any kind of Google search for it, you’ll come across tons of beautiful twenty-somethings draped in veils and donning white lingerie, but twenty-somethings aren’t the only babes who get married. Women of all ages get married, and don’t they deserve an epic bridal boudoir shoot, too? […]

Boudoir for men at Iron Horse Hotel

Boudoir is for Men, Too

What what whaaaaat? Men can experience empowerment and self-love through boudoir? Heck yeah they can. You’ve probably seen boudoir shoots involving men before, but more often than not, I feel like they are humurous and silly. Don’t get me wrong, I love a silly shoot as much as the next gal, but I want men […]