Night Boudoir Shoot at Rio Hotel Las Vegas

When the Lights Go Down

Vegas is well-known for its neon signs and glittering lights, and I figured what better time to try a night shoot than in a city that looks sexy as hell when the sun goes down. Thankfully, Babe H was ready to try it, too. This was my very first attempt at boudoir photography at night, […]

Celebrating Our Bodies in a City that Parties

Las Vegas Nevada…there’s a lot that can be said about this city. From its flashing neon lights to the constant flow of frozen margaritas, Las Vegas feels like it’s always throwing a giant party, and this year, I knew I wanted to get in on that celebration. What better place to celebrate our bodies than […]

outdoor boudoir photo shoot in Port Washington Wisconsin

Creativity + Awesome Babe = Epic Shoot

Sometimes you just gotta grab confetti and go with it. When Babe N and I decided to do a shoot together, I knew I wanted to get creative with it and push us both outside of our comfort zones. She’s a stellar babe who’s open to new ideas, and I’m SO STOKED she agreed to […]

port washington boudoir

Finding the Passion for Your Body

There are so many things this babe is passionate about, but her body isn’t always one of them. Raise your hand is you relate (*raises hand as high as I possibly can*). When I got Kaari’s application for my Babe Ambassador program, I knew immediately that she had to shoot with me. She’s fun, kind, […]

My New Shower Set Up

If you follow me on Instagram or you’re in my Buxom Babes group, you’ve seen the teasers for my new shower set up. I CANNOT WAIT to get a gorgeous babe into my faux shower, but in the meantime, you’ll have to deal with my self-portraits. Of course I had to jump in and give […]

port washington wi boudoir

She Found Comfort in Her Skin

There are tons of situations out there that can make us feel uncomfortable. Calling a blind date by the wrong name, telling a waitress “you too” after they say “have a good meal” or doing that weird sidewalk shuffle thing when you come face to face with someone on the street and you don’t know […]

She Knows Her Worth

Sometimes I will meet a woman, and we will just click. I felt that way when I met Kara, one of my Babe Ambassadors. She has a bubbly, magnetic personality, and her energy spread through the entire studio. Before we even headed downstairs to start hair and makeup, we were already laughing. You know it’s […]

maternity boudoir milwaukee

Maternity Boudoir Proves that Pregnant Babes are Hot, Too

When we think of pregnant women, we think of beautiful, glowing women. Like wildflowers in a field kind of beautiful. Like tulle twirling in a summer’s breeze kind of beautiful. That’s awesome because pregnant babes are beautiful, but mommas-to-be are also vivacious, sexual, powerful babes! You don’t stop being a woman when you become a […]