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5 Ways to Prep for Your Outdoor Boudoir Session

It’s getting to be that time of the year when we get to take out fabulous bodies outside! Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. My Wisconsin skin is ready for some sunshine! If you’re drawn to the Lake Michigan coastline or forest waterfalls like I am, maybe you’re thinking about booking […]

How to Find Boudoir Outfits at a Thrift Store

I love thrift store and consignment shop hauls. Shopping second-hand is budget-friendly, better for the environment, and rewarding when you find that one really special piece. Plus, if you shop locally, many thrift stores give back to your community! I don’t recommend buying underwear second-hand (please, please don’t do this), but you can find crop […]

why is boudoir so expensive

Why Isn’t Boudoir “Cheap?”

When you’re searching for a boudoir photographer, sometimes the session and product prices can come as a bit of a sticker shock. I get it, trust me. So why can’t boudoir be cheap? I mean, how hard do reputable boudoir photographers actually work? The just need a good camera right? Well… no. I Didn’t Know […]

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A Look Back on 2018

2018 was a BIG year for me and Buxom Boudoir. I quit my job to pursue boudoir photography full-time, I photographed women in Las Vegas, I learned so much from educators, upgraded my equipment and switched up my studio. 2018 was an amazing year, but it was also really flippin’ hard. This entrepreneurial life is […]

Port Washington Boudoir

New Studio Set Up

My studio is a constant work-in-progress. I’m always trying to find ways to make it more homey, more cozy and more versatile. My studio is small, and everything in it is movable. And yet…I NEVER MOVE ANYTHING! I wanted to practice moving furniture around in my studio and thankfully, this babely muse was willing to […]

boudoir payment plans

How to Benefit for Boudoir Payment Plans

Boudoir is an investment. A boudoir session requires your time, your effort, your acceptance and yes, your money. It’s a big investment in a lot of ways, but daaaaaaaaang, it’s worth it. You’ve got to figure out the time and effort on your own, but I can help with the financial aspects. There are lots […]

4 Facts About Your Boudoir Session

1. No one is judging you. My studio is totally judgement-free. I don’t care if you have stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, rolls, freckles or whatever. I want you to work on not caring either. You’re not allowed to judge you. I don’t allow self deprecating talk and will (gently) remind you to be kind to […]

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5 Facts About Me

Let’s get to know one another! After all, if you’re sharing an intimated and vulnerable experience with me, it’s only fair that I open up to you, as well. It can be hard to show up at a stranger’s home and strip down to your skivvies, so let’s not be strangers! Here’s 5 facts about […]

6 Unconventional Ways to Use Your Boudoir Photos

While boudoir should be first and foremost for you, the photos also make amazing gifts for that special someone in your life. There’s lots of other ways you can display and use your boudoir photos, though, and I’m here to help you get creative with it! 1. Hide Photos in Your Partner’s Luggage If your […]