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Bullied to Babe: Kaari

The Bullied to Babe project shows of the strength, resilience and sexiness of women who others deemed “unacceptable” at some point in their lives. Three women shared their stories with me and told me how bullying affected their self-esteem and lives. However, these women are learning to love themselves now, and they deserved a glamorous boudoir photo shoot.

Kaari dealt with bullying her whole life, but what really impacted her was dealing with abuse from a significant other. He would call her embarrassing and tell her she’d be better if… He wasn’t supportive and his comments significantly impacted the way Kaari lived her life.

“I found myself wearing baggy clothes or not wanting to go out and enjoy myself. It’s a regret, honestly, because I wasted a lot of my early adult years just staying at home because I was embarrassing to my significant other, and that’s not living.”

Now, though, Kaari does what she wants and treats herself a lot better! She knows that she deserves more. She believes that you need to love the skin you’re in, and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t let anyone feel like you’re less of a person for the way you dress, how much you weigh or what your interests are. You’re a queen!


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