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Bullied to Babe: Gina

The Bullied to Babe project shows of the strength, resilience and sexiness of women who others deemed “unacceptable” at some point in their lives. Three women shared their stories with me and told me how bullying affected their self-esteem and lives. However, these women are learning to love themselves now, and they deserved a glamorous boudoir photo shoot.

Gina is amazing. Unfortunately, students she went to school with didn’t see that. She endured a lot of bullying as a child, and it left lasting scars on her life today. Some students would take her underwear during swim class and others poured sawdust down her back in shop class.

However, Gina knows now that she’s strong. She’s not afraid to dress the way she wants, do or say what she wants. She’s a much more secure person, and it took a lot of time to get to this point. Gina believes that you need to stand up for yourself. Don’t let other people push you around or it could change your adult life. You’re amazing! Know one should tell you otherwise.


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