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Bullied to Babe: Alejandra

The Bullied to Babe project shows of the strength, resilience and sexiness of women who others deemed “unacceptable” at some point in their lives. Three women shared their stories with me and told me how bullying affected their self-esteem and lives. However, these women are learning to love themselves now, and they deserved a glamorous boudoir photo shoot.

When we think of bullying, we often think of kids on the playground. But Alejandra’s story is different. Her father would make comments that left permanent scars on her self-esteem. Parents don’t always realize the impact their words have on their children.

Now, Alejandra is learning to love herself and take care of her body. She appreciates the parts of her body she once hated, and I think that’s something we can all strive to do.

“I used to think my belly was really gross and I didn’t want to look at it, but now I’m like ‘huh, it’s actually really cute. And it’s really comfy.’ You start seeing the beauty in those things.”

I think Alejandra is an amazing person and I’m so happy she shared her story with me. I think it’s pretty clear from her shoot that she’s a total babe, but more importantly, she’s passionate about helping her community, she’s kind, and she’s strong. She proves that with time and self-love, you can learn to appreciate the body you have.


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