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Why Bridal Boudoir is the Perfect Gift for the Groom

Stop your search for the perfect groom’s gift. Bridal boudoir is the only gift you should consider giving your husband on your big day. Not only will he love it, but the experience is fun and luxurious for you, too! And speaking as someone who has planned a wedding, I know how badly brides need a little “me time” before the big day.

Bridal Boudoir Gets Your Groom Pumped Up

Your groom is probably already super excited to marry you, but a boudoir book to tease him beforehand? That will really get his motor running. If you wear a few items in your shoot that you’ll also have on during the wedding, a boudoir book is a fun way to give him a sneak peak, as well. He’ll get to see your garter or your bridal lingerie beforehand, which will make him want to see it in real life even more!

It Captures the “Wedding Night” Feeling

Your wedding day will be well-documented. The wedding night won’t be…and for a good reason! But a boudoir photo shoot offers that “night of” feeling that you can look back on and remember *wink wink.*

It’s Unique and Original

I think the best reason to give a groom a boudoir book is that it’s totally unique to you. There will be no other gift like it out there because you made it. Everything about the shoot is totally unique to you, and the only person in your head when you’re taking the photos is your future spouse. You’ll never look at another person they way you look at him. You’ll never be in that moment again – it’s a beautiful, fleeting moment between you and your groom.

What else do you plan on giving your groom?


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