All the products we offer at Buxom Boudoir have been hand selected based on their quality and uniqueness. We want our clients to love their products as much as we do. We offer products a la carte because it allows every person to customize their package exactly how they want. One babe may want a metal print, while another dreams of getting an album. We don’t want to be the one who forces products on someone when they don’t want them, so the power to customize your shoot is up to you. During your reveal session, you can choose all the photos you like and determine which ones to print and in what format. Get up close and personal with our products when you come in for your session, but in the mean time, here’s a few examples of what we offer.

Luxury Albums

These albums are our favorite. We offer albums in three different sizes (the 8×8 is our favorite) with the option to upgrade covers so you get the perfect album. The smallest album holds 15 images, the second largest holds 25 and the largest holds 30. Each album is lay-flat, so your gorgeous images aren’t disrupted by a crease. These are heirlooms. They’ll look beautiful today, tomorrow and years from now.

Gold Heirloom Glass Box

This luxury, heirloom glass box holds 10 4×6 photos mounted on styrene. Each photo is sturdy and created to last. This box looks beautiful on a dresser or an end table.

Portfolio Box

This sturdy box holds 12 matted prints that you can display or keep securely in the box. This is a great option if you want to display some of your photos in a frame.

Metal Wall Art

If you’re going to do a boudoir shoot, get a piece of artwork to display in your bedroom. Seeing yourself in a confident and powerful photo every day is a huge boost to self-esteem. We offer two different sizes that pair well together. Metal wall art floats out from the wall, do not require a frame and are easy to mount.

Digital Photographs

If you’re interested in high resolution digital images you can print yourself, Buxom Boudoir offers a 20 image collection and a full collection.

We also offer a wide variety of add ons, so your order can be customized and perfect for you.