Products at Port Washington Boudoir


All the products I offer at Buxom Boudoir have been hand selected based on quality, uniqueness, nostalgia and sexiness. I want my babes to love their products as much as I do. Get up close and personal with each product when you come in for your session, but in the mean time, here’s a few examples of what I offer.

Signature Albums

These albums are my favorite. I offer albums in three different sizes and two different covers. The smallest album holds 20 images, the second largest holds 25 and the largest holds 30. Each album is lay-flat, so your gorgeous images aren’t disrupted by a crease. Styrene is between every page for sturdiness, and these images are printed to last. These are heirlooms. They’ll look beautiful today, tomorrow and years from now.

Each album comes in a box tied with ribbon so you can beautifully store your album or gift it without the hassle of wrapping.

View Finder

Remember those view finders we played with as kids? Well they’re back and even better because they contain photos of your sexy self. Each view finder holds 7 images and is perfect for people who want to take their babe on the go.

Glass Box

This luxury, heirloom glass box holds 10 4×6 photos mounted on styrene. Each photo is sturdy and created to last. This box looks beautiful on a dresser or an end table.

Mini Polaroids

Feeling nostalgic? We’re bringing back a retro, party vibe with these polaroids. Each photo is small and discreet, perfect for slipping into a card or luggage for an unsuspecting someone. Pin them to your walls or display these photos in mini frames.

Float Wraps and Metal Prints

If you’re going to do a boudoir shoot, get a piece of artwork to display in your bedroom. Seeing yourself in a confident and powerful photo every day is a huge boost to self-esteem. I offer three different sizes on both float wraps and metal. Both styles float out from the wall, do not require a frame and are easy to mount.

Digital Photographs

If you’re interested in digital images, Buxom Boudoir offers individual images, half collections and full collections.

Slideshow Video

Relive your photo shoot whenever you want by watching your slideshow video, which contains every photo from your session.