Boudoir Credit Plan

When we ask women what’s holding them back from a boudoir photo shoot, we hear two things: “I’m not confident enough and it’s too much of an investment.” We can handle the confidence issue. Every person who walks into the studio leaves feeling like an empowered babe. We want to help with the latter issue, as well, which is why we offer a payment plan through PayPal Credit. Everyone deserves to celebrate their body without the stress of the investment, which is why we’ve added this easy, investment-free option to my product orders.

To enroll in the PayPal credit boudoir payment plan, click HERE. Follow the steps and apply for their credit program. If you’re approved, you’ll know how much you can order during your reveal session. When you pay for your order, there will be an option to pay for it with PayPal Credit – easy peasy! Make sure you apply for this before your session so you know what your allowance is. When you pay through PayPal Credit, your products are ordered and sent to you right away!

Didn’t get approval? That’s ok! We also can set up a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month payment plan through Square Invoicing. We’ll keep your credit card info on file and charge it once a month based on the length of your payment plan. Unlike PayPal Credit, your products are not ordered until the final payment. You can also prepay for products before your reveal session. If your session is a few months away, you can save with Buxom Boudoir.


Who are Payment Plans Perfect for?
PayPal Credit is perfect for babes who want their artwork right now but want to pay for it over an extended amount of time. It’s great for babes on a budget or babes who know they have several other big expenses coming up.

How do I enroll in PayPal Credit?
First, you’ll need a PayPal account. It’s easy to sign up if you don’t have one, and we highly recommend it for any online shopping you do because it’s a secure payment option. We love PayPal! To see how much credit you’re allotted, apply for PayPal Credit at least 48 hours before your reveal session. Once you’re approved, you can purchase your products via PayPal credit and pay them off interest-free for six months.

Why Should I Enroll in the Credit Plan?
The payment plan lets you experience the confidence and empowerment that a boudoir session offers without a huge upfront cost. It allows you to get the products you really want rather than the one you can afford at this very moment. You can get the session you dream of rather than having to narrow down images to fit within your budget.