Boudoir Credit Plan

Boudoir Credit Plan

When I ask women what’s holding them back from a boudoir photo shoot, I hear two things: “I’m not confident enough and it’s too much of an investment.” I can handle the confidence issue. Every woman who walks into the studio leaves feeling like an empowered babe. I want to help with the latter issue, as well, which is why I offer a payment plan through PayPal Credit. Everyone deserves to celebrate their body without the stress of the investment, which is why I’ve added this easy, investment-free option to my product orders.

To enroll in the PayPal credit boudoir payment plan, just follow these steps:
Step 1: Choose your session – the Flirt session or the Bombshell session. Session investments must be paid in full when signing your contract.

Step 2: Kick ass at your boudoir shoot. I know you will.

Step 3: I offer products a la carte because it allows every person to customize their package exactly how they wants. One babe may want a metal print, while another dreams of getting an album. I don’t want to be the one who forces products on someone when they don’t want them, so the power to customize your shoot is up to you. During your reveal session, you can choose all the photos you like and determine which ones to print and in what format.

Step 4: You can either pay for all your products immediately, or you can enroll in PayPal credit. PayPal credit allows you to divide up your total over 6 months! It’s interest-free and a convenient way to pay for your beautiful pieces of artwork.


Who are Payment Plans Perfect for?
PayPal credit is perfect for babes who want their artwork right now but want to pay for it over an extended amount of time. It’s great for babes on a budget or babes who know they have several other big expenses coming up.

How do I enroll in PayPal Credit?
First, you’ll need a PayPal account. It’s easy to sign up if you don’t have one, and I highly recommend it for any online shopping you do because it’s a secure payment option. I love PayPal! To see how much credit you’re aloted, apply for PayPal Credit at least 48 hours before your reveal session. Once you’re approved, you can purchase your products via PayPal credit and pay them off interest-free for six months.

Why Should I Enroll in the Credit Plan?
The payment plan lets you experience the confidence and empowerment that a boudoir session offers without a huge upfront cost. It allows you to get the products you really want rather than the one you can afford at this very moment. You can get the session you dream of rather than having to narrow down images to fit within your budget.