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What is a Boudoir Party and How Does It Work?

Hint: It’s the sexiest party ever.

What’s a boudoir party? Only the best party ever! A boudoir party is a fantastic way to spend the day with your friends. And if you’re a little nervous about boudoir, having your friends cheering you on during your shoot is the best way to bring out your inner bombshell.

Reasons to Book a Boudoir Party

1. Bachelorette Party
Want to do something totally different with your friends and bridesmaids? A boudoir party is the ultimate way to kick off your bachelorette party. It will get you in the party mood! Plus, you can opt in to get your hair and makeup done, so you and your girl squad look bomb out on the town.

2. Birthday Celebration
What better way to celebrate another amazing year than with a big self-esteem boost? You could even make your boudoir shoot birthday themed – cupcakes, confetti, champagne – you name it, and we can shoot with it! This would be one birthday party you and your friends never forget.

3. Girl’s Night Out (or Day!)
When is the last time you got to go out? When’s the last time you let your hair down with your girlfriends? Enjoy stellar girl-talk and glam sessions at the boudoir studio before heading into Milwaukee for a night out. Or, if you’re more of a day person, pop in for a morning session with your ladies and head to downtown Port Washington for brunch. (We have the best brunch places!)

Why You Need to Book a Boudoir Party

1. They are so fun!
I know boudoir seems intimidating. I mean, you’re going to be standing in front of someone you just met in your underwear. But it’s actually so much fun, and with your girl squad behind you, how could it not be?

2. It’s probably something none of your friends have done.
Cross it off your bucket list! Odds are, your girlfriends have never done anything like a boudoir shoot, and what better way to experience it for the first time than with your besties.

3. It’s a great start to an awesome night!
A boudoir shoot will get the party started! With your hair and makeup done and a new level of self-confidence, you’ll be ready to rock out until bar time.

4. Your friends will cheer you on.
Your own personal cheer squad? Heck yes! If you’re nervous about shooting boudoir, your friends will cheer you on and make you feel like a bombshell.

5. You get to help your friends feel beautiful.
You get to cheer your friends on, too! Boost their self-esteem and let them know how truly beautiful they are. If you want to bond with your friends, this is definitely the way to do it.

How a Boudoir Party Works

Every studio is a little different, but at Buxom Boudoir, a party consists of three to six ladies. It’s $199 per person, which is far less than I spent on drinks during my bachelorette party haha. Speaking of drinks, there’s wine available to help get the party started, as well as snacks and water. If you want to get your hair and makeup done, then the first girl gets glammed up and then starts shooting. While Bombshell #1 is shooting, the next woman gets glammed up, and then she shoots! For those waiting their turn, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine and root for your beautiful friend in front of the camera!

What a Boudoir Party Includes

1.5 hour party or more (depending on size)
30 minute session per girl
Bed Netting Set
$100 Print Credit
Complimentary wine and snacks
Minimum of 3, Maximum of 6 girls
Easily add hair and makeup for $100 per girl

What Does a Boudoir Party Cost

A boudoir party total price depends on how many ladies are in your party. Buxom Boudoir asks $199 per girl, and if anyone wants their hair and makeup professionally done, it’s another $100 per girl. There’s also a $100 deposit to hold your date.

So Should I Do It?

Do you want to spend a few hours with your best friends feeling like a bombshell? Who doesn’t, right? A boudoir party is a fun, exciting party that you and your friends will always remember. It’s the the start to a lot of great stories, and you’ll have gorgeous photos to remember your celebration. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married, celebrating your big birthday or just need to see your squad, a boudoir is the best way to party.

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