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Boudoir Outfits

Boudoir Outfits for Curvy Girls

Do you need to be a size two to wear boudoir outfits? NOPE! If you’re a curvy babe, you can totally rock lingerie. Curvy girls have beautiful hips, booties and boobs, and you should show off those features during your boudoir shoot. There are several types of boudoir outfits that will help you do just that.


Corsets are amazing. They emphasize all the areas we want to show off, and they hide areas we might be self-conscience about. They push up “the girls.” The create an amazing waist shape. And they end just above the butt, so we can still take sexy booty photos. Everyone looks stunning in corsets.

High Waisted Underwear

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Tons of women don’t have the best relationship with their tummy (myself included). High waisted underwear makes booty cheeks look amazing and hide any tummy trouble you might have. They are seriously sexy and I love shooting boudoir with them. They are the perfect addition to a sexy bra and high heels – the ultimate boudoir outfit.

Nighties with Push Up Bras

Nighties are soft, sensual and always beautiful, but they normally don’t come with much support. And support is really important when shooting boudoir! When you’re looking for a nightie, try to find one with a built in bra. They’ll look beautiful on your body but push up the ta-tas.

Wondering where to get your lingerie? Check out Adore Me. I love their lingerie and they have beautiful outfits for curvy girls.

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