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Boudoir is for You Before Anyone Else

A common question boudoir photographers ask their clients is “Who are you doing this photo shoot for?” The answer is almost always “my husband” or “my significant other.” I think it’s fantastic that women want to give their partner something sexy, but I think the same women forget or don’t realize this shoot is more about them than anyone else. A boudoir photo shoot is meant to be an empowering, fun experience for the person taking the photos. I want my guests to love it as much as their partners.

Get in Touch with Your Sexiness

You’re a vixen. How often do you actually feel like it? I know I forget that all the time. Even now as I type this, I’m sitting in leggings, a sweatshirt, my hair in a bun and no makeup – not exactly feeling like a goddess. Women do a lot. We work, we run around with the kids, we manage the errands and about a million other things. Boudoir is a reminder that you are allowed to be sexual. You’re allowed to look at yourself and say “Dang, I’m hot.” Not even that you’re allowed….that you should!

Take Some Well-Deserved “Me Time”

When is the last time you had an hour to yourself? What about a whole morning? I think it’s so important to take time just for yourself and do something that just you want to do. A boudoir photo shoot gives you time to relax, laugh, get pampered and just enjoy being in your own skin.

Women often feel like they don’t need or deserve to do something special for themselves. We do a lot of giving, but not a lot of taking. It’s ok to take time to treat yourself! I encourage it! Boudoir is about you before anyone else. Yes, your significant other will love it, but so will you. And if you show up to your shoot thinking about how this is for you, I promise that confidence will shine through your shoot.


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