Boudoir for men at Iron Horse Hotel
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Boudoir is for Men, Too

What what whaaaaat? Men can experience empowerment and self-love through boudoir? Heck yeah they can. You’ve probably seen boudoir shoots involving men before, but more often than not, I feel like they are humurous and silly. Don’t get me wrong, I love a silly shoot as much as the next gal, but I want men to know they are allowed to feel sensual and sexy through boudoir portraits. This experience doesn’t have to be goofy, although if you shoot with me, there will defineltey be humorous moments. You know I gotta get my laughter shots.

I was able to give guy boudoir a go at a recent styled shoot at the Iron Horse Hotel. This was my very first time ever shooting with just a man (besides my husband), and I’m very appreciative that Kris trusted me! Boudoir is an intimate thing and it takes trust between both parties. I think we rocked it and created a really sensual series of portraits. Men struggle with insecurities, too, and I think boudoir shoots can be a powerful tool for men to boost their self-esteem.

Now onto the good stuff! Enjoy the magic that Kris and I created in Milwaukee!

boudoir for men in Milwaukee

detail mens boudoir

If you’re interested in setting up a shoot, I’d love to chat! You can contact me HERE.

Model: Kris Wilke
Hotel: The Iron Horse Hotel
Event Coordinator = White Night Photography
Tuxedo = NL Suits

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