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Boudoir Corsets: My Favorite Lingerie Found Online

Corsets are one of my favorite lingerie pieces to shoot. I’m drawn to them because they fit every body shape so well. They cover up stomachs, which many of us are insecure about. They lift breasts, they define waists, and they look sexy as hell. Unfortunately, corsets aren’t just something you can pick up at our local department store when you’re planning your boudoir wardrobe. Thankfully, we have the internet! And better yet, I’ve tracked down the sexiest corsets out there for you, so you don’t need to spend the next hour scouring the web.

The Heidi Corset from Adore Me

boudoir corset
Reason I Love It: I actually own this corset, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of lingerie because it’s so snug. It pushes my stomach in and gives me a bombass hourglass shape. There are ties in the back that let you adjust its size, which is perfect and means it will still fit if your waistline grows or shrinks. Plus – and here’s the best part – there is a zipper in the front! You don’t need any help cinching it up! Adjust the lacing first and then zip it up. All corsets should have zippers. This is a million dollar idea, ladies. Also, this design also comes in plus sizing.
Retails for $49.95 (without VIP membership.) Buy it HERE.

Victory Convertible Strapless Corset from Blush

boudoir corset
Reason I Love It: I’m a fan of Blush Lingerie. Their pieces are well made, sophisticated and super sexy. There are a few Blush pieces in the Buxom Boudoir closet. I like this corset because there are no confusing straps in the back to worry about. There are straps if you want to add support, but you can take them off anytime you want. The boning is flexible and the fabric is mesh, so it’s not going to have the structure that the Heidi corset has. If you want something that is easier to move in, this corset is the one for you.
Retails for $94.00 (but it’s on sale right now). Buy it HERE.

Alleena Plus Corset from Adore Me

boudoir corset
Reason I Love It: This corset is romantic, soft and elegant. And it’s plus size! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in smaller sizes for small-XL women. The back is a lace up, which makes adjusting the size easy. In the front, there are hooks and closures, perfect for easy on and off at the studio (or in the bedroom.)
Retails for $49.95. Buy it HERE.

Lovely in Lace Corset from Yandy

boudoir corset
Reason I Love It: I’m not going to lie….I love this corset for its sex appeal alone. It has a lace top, so I doubt there’s much support, but I don’t care! It’s gorgeous! It would photograph so well and is gaurenteed to make you feel like a bombshell. It has hook and eye closures in the front, which as I’ve stated above, I’m a big fan of. Bummer part? It only goes up to a size 18.
Retails for $65.95. Buy it HERE.

Vintage Inspired Corset from Corset Story

boudoir corset
Reason I Love It: It’s a beautiful piece for a bridal boudoir shoot. The details are impeccable and I love the ribbon. It has steel boning which creates a beautiful hourglass figure. The materials used in it were chosen for comfort and capability, so it’s a great corset for women who are new to this style of lingerie. This corset in my studio’s bed netting set would be stunning.
Retails for $75.00. Buy it HERE.


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