boudoir in Sheboygan Wisconsin

Getting to Know Her Body

Babe A is a bad ass. She booked her session in order to reconnect with her body, which is an awesome reason to experience a shoot. For health reasons, she’s spent the last year working out and eating differently, which has drastically changed her body. As we talked and got to know each other more […]

boudoir photography near Milwaukee

Taking on Round Two

You know what makes me over the moon happy? When folks have so much fun at their first shoot that they come back from a second. Babe A came to the studio last year for a session and loved it so much, she took it on again. Why did you decide to do a boudoir […]

why is boudoir so expensive

Why Isn’t Boudoir “Cheap?”

When you’re searching for a boudoir photographer, sometimes the session and product prices can come as a bit of a sticker shock. I get it, trust me. So why can’t boudoir be cheap? I mean, how hard do reputable boudoir photographers actually work? The just need a good camera right? Well… no. I Didn’t Know […]

in home boudoir session

A Look Back on 2018

2018 was a BIG year for me and Buxom Boudoir. I quit my job to pursue boudoir photography full-time, I photographed women in Las Vegas, I learned so much from educators, upgraded my equipment and switched up my studio. 2018 was an amazing year, but it was also really flippin’ hard. This entrepreneurial life is […]

Port Washington Boudoir

New Studio Set Up

My studio is a constant work-in-progress. I’m always trying to find ways to make it more homey, more cozy and more versatile. My studio is small, and everything in it is movable. And yet…I NEVER MOVE ANYTHING! I wanted to practice moving furniture around in my studio and thankfully, this babely muse was willing to […]

boudoir photography is for everybody

Boudoir is for Everyone

Boudoir is for everyone. Every single person should learn that their body is worthy of documentation and celebration; however, it doesn’t always feel that way. I follow some phenomenal photographers who rarely, if ever, photograph people outside the skinny/athletic checkbox. Their photos are beautiful, but if I was looking to hire someone, I wouldn’t exactly […]

bridal boudoir

A Wedding Surprise FTW

When Babe R reached out to me, she was in a bit of a bind. She wanted boudoir photos for her soon-to-be hubby but her wedding was quickly approaching. We had to get her into the studio quickly, but I still wanted this to be an amazing, empowering experience for her. Thankfully, we were both […]

appleton wi boudoir photography

Video Games and Cute Butts

I don’t even want to say much about this couples boudoir session from my time shooting in Appleton WI because it’s so dang cute and sexy that I just want to get into it! They were so snuggley and ready to try any pose I threw at them. I really think their session speaks for […]

Radiant Babe: Christine

Recently, I had the honor of photographing a phenomenal group of babes. It was a day of laughter, self-love and growth. During the shoot, I asked each one to tell me about their relationships with their bodies, and each woman had a different story to tell. They were allowed to share as much or as […]

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