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5 Myths About Boudoir Shoots

Whenever I mention that I own a boudoir studio, I get eyebrow lifts. “So…you shoot naked women? Isn’t that awkward? Are your clients all models?” There’s some confusion about what boudoir is and who can enjoy it. Let’s clear away the misconceptions! You Need to Be Naked for a Boudoir Shoot Boudoir isn’t about nudity. […]

The Glamorous Ms. K

When Ms. K came to the studio, I could tell she was a little nervous – but who isn’t when they shoot boudoir? Once we started shooting, we had fun! She’s gave these photos to her hubby, and I can only image what happened after *wink wink.* The reason I love Ms. K is because […]

Pretty and Sweet Ms. C

I loved shooting with Ms. C. She was ready to try anything and she brought lots of fun outfits to play with. She had to represent the green and gold in her Packers jersey, and she brought an ugly Christmas sweater so we could get some adorable shots for wintertime. When we wrapped up, she […]

Sexy and Sultry Ms. G

My shoot with Ms. G was nothing but sexy. This gorgeous woman came prepared and brought tons of amazing outfits with. It’s a shame we couldn’t shoot in all of them! She was giving me curves, body and fierceness. Plus, she was a dear to work with. She gave her hubby an album and he […]


What You Should Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot

A big part of boudoir is the wardrobe, but with so many lingerie options out there, picking your outfits can seem a bit overwhelming. I’m a big believer that confidence is super sexy, so as long as you’re wearing something you feel gorgeous in, you’ll look sexy. But we should probably break down all your […]