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Boudoir Outfits for Curvy Girls

Do you need to be a size two to wear boudoir outfits? NOPE! If you’re a curvy babe, you can totally rock lingerie. Curvy girls have beautiful hips, booties and boobs, and you should show off those features during your boudoir shoot. There are several types of boudoir outfits that will help you do just […]

Ms. J and a Booty That Won’t Quit

Ms. J was amazing! She was so funny and down to earth. She decided to take some sexy photos for her fiance, and I think it’s pretty obvious she’s going to have a very happy husband. Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate Ms. J’s booty. It’s beautiful! In addition to having a wonderful body, […]

The History of Lingerie

Lingerie has been around for a looooong time. Too bad boudoir photography wasn’t around long enough to capture it all. Lingerie really didn’t start to become something “sexy” until decades after its inception. Glad we’re not in the 1800s anymore! 1700s – Whalebone Corsets If you were a “proper” woman, then you had a whalebone […]

Champagne and Chocolate with Babe E

Babe E….there are no words for how much fun I had shooting with her. Her energy was boundless, and she was up for anything. Plus, she brought so many amazing clothes! I wouldn’t mind having a closet likes that. Babe E is no stranger to the camera, and I’ve actually worked with her before as […]

100 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

There are so many (SO MANY) reasons that you should experience a boudoir shoot. No matter what your fears or insecurities are about boudoir, I’ve got a reason that says you should do it! 1) You’re getting married and you need a gift for your spouse. 2) You’re celebrating an anniversary. 3) You splurged on […]

5 Reasons You Need Some “Me Time”

When is the last time you had a little “me time?” Women are so great at taking care of their partners, their kids, their family and friends. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves, and time solely devoted to ourselves is something we almost never get. But by not taking time for yourself, […]

What Lingerie Should You Wear Based on Your Sign

Can’t decide what to wear to your boudoir shoot? Your zodiac sign might offer some inspiration. Your sign can give you insight to the perfect nightie, corset or bra and panty set. Did you love the boudoir outfit paired with your sign? What outfit do you want to wear to your boudoir photo shoot? XO, […]

How I Felt During My Boudoir Shoot

I talk a lot about confidence, empowerment and sexiness when I bring up boudoir. I can talk the talk, but I’m sure you’re wondering if I can walk the walk. I completely understand what my clients are going through because I’ve been there. I’ve hired a photographer, I’ve gotten glammed up, and I’ve shot half […]

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