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How Boudoir Has Made Me a Better Person

I like to joke around with my clients when I’m shooting them that taking photos of boobs and butts isn’t something I ever thought I would do with my life. But I’m so happy that it is! I also didn’t expect boudoir photography to have such a positive impact on my daily life. Helping women […]


Every Day is Tushie Tuesday with Babe A

When Babe A showed up to the Buxom Boudoir studio, I knew we were going to have a killer shoot. Her energy was up, she brought a super sexy body suit, and she was ready to shoot. Could you ask for a better babe? The best part of shooting with Babe A? Her body confidence […]

Too Shy for Boudoir? Guess Again!

When you hear the word “boudoir” what comes to mind? Strutting your stuff in lingerie or maybe *gulp* less than that? For some women, lingerie and nudity is empowering. For others, they feel sexier more covered up. Even if you’re shy or modest, you can still enjoy a boudoir photo shoot. Tee shirts, sweaters, long […]

Sexy Gifts He Will Love

Shopping for guys is hard! Coming up with the perfect gifts for my husband is always tricky, especially since our anniversary, his birthday and Christmas are all in the same month. And let’s face it, video games, sporting goods and tools are fine, but sometimes we want to give our partners something sexy! (I gave […]

The Perfect Gifts to Give with a Boudoir Book

A boudoir book is my favorite thing for women to give their significant others. Sometimes it’s fun to do a big themed gift, though. There are tons of sexy and adorable gifts you can pair with a boudoir book. Here are just a few of my favorites. His and Hers Coffee Mugs I can’t get […]

5 More Sexy Photos the Groom Will Love

These photos are sure to surprise and impress your husband-to-be. But more importantly, they’ll show you how unbelievably sexy you are. 1. From the Back I love photos of the back. Facing away from the camera is tantalizing and sensual. You’re teasing the camera. It’s like “what could be on the other side?” Plus, how […]