My New Shower Set Up

If you follow me on Instagram or you’re in my Buxom Babes group, you’ve seen the teasers for my new shower set up. I CANNOT WAIT to get a gorgeous babe into my faux shower, but in the meantime, you’ll have to deal with my self-portraits. Of course I had to jump in and give […]

port washington wi boudoir

She Found Comfort in Her Skin

There are tons of situations out there that can make us feel uncomfortable. Calling a blind date by the wrong name, telling a waitress “you too” after they say “have a good meal” or doing that weird sidewalk shuffle thing when you come face to face with someone on the street and you don’t know […]

She Knows Her Worth

Sometimes I will meet a woman, and we will just click. I felt that way when I met Kara, one of my Babe Ambassadors. She has a bubbly, magnetic personality, and her energy spread through the entire studio. Before we even headed downstairs to start hair and makeup, we were already laughing. You know it’s […]

mental health

Not Every Mental Illness “Cure” Has to Work for You

Ah the internet, filled with hilarious cat videos, DIY-projects and home remedies that are supposed to solve any ailment. I love trying the tips and tricks I see on Pinterest or my Facebook newsfeed, but here’s the thing: they don’t always work, especially when it comes to mental illness. I’ve seen more posts than I […]

maternity boudoir milwaukee

Maternity Boudoir Proves that Pregnant Babes are Hot, Too

When we think of pregnant women, we think of beautiful, glowing women. Like wildflowers in a field kind of beautiful. Like tulle twirling in a summer’s breeze kind of beautiful. That’s awesome because pregnant babes are beautiful, but mommas-to-be are also vivacious, sexual, powerful babes! You don’t stop being a woman when you become a […]

Call Me Taboo Podcast

This Podcast Babe Used Boudoir to Empower Herself

When Sarah Ta Boo, the babe behind the podcast Call Me Taboo, invited me to be on her show to discuss boudoir and body positivity, I knew she had to experience it first hand. She messaged me saying she was interested in working on her self-love, and I was all for it! Anytime someone works […]

bridal boudoir in port washington

A Bridal Booty That’s Poppin’

I love booty shots. They are always some of my favorites in every gallery I create, and Babe A got a whooooooole lot of them in her gallery! Quick scroll down, I’ll wait. Did you see her booty? How could I not take a million photos of it?! She came to Buxom Boudoir ready to […]

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