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Babe H’s Shoot in my New Boudoir Studio Space

I recently moved my boudoir studio from a small bedroom in my home to my finished basement and I AM IN LOVE. Babe H was the first to shoot in my new space, and I adore how the light works and all the space I have to capture more of the bed and walls. There’s so much more room and lots of space for new poses. I even have a couch now!

Not only did my new space work out, but Babe H totally killed her shoot. I mean, just look at how gorgeous and sexy she is! I was so happy she joined me in the studio, and I hope she will again. Bonus: I got to look at all the beautiful lingerie she brought. I’m going to have to track down a plum teddy for the studio.

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“I was born a firecracker baby with something to prove.”- Sylvan Esso


The most important relationship you have in this life is the one with yourself.


I’m slowly adding more to my boudoir studio every day. I don’t know if it will ever be truly finished! But I love how my studio and boudoir photography is constantly growing and getting better. I can’t wait to have more babes come visit the space.


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