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The Boudoir Photographer

I’m Alicia Schmitt, owner and boudoir photographer of Buxom Boudoir in Port Washington, WI. I’ve been a makeup artist for six years, and I love it. Makeup was a small way I could help women feel beautiful for a day, but as I started on my own journey towards body positivity, I knew I wanted to do something more permanent for women. I needed to do something that showed fellow ladies that they are freaking amazing, and it needed to be more than skin deep. That’s when I decided to become a boudoir photographer.

When I’m not busy in the studio, I’m spending time with my hubby or playing around with makeup. I’m a self-proclaimed social media junkie. I also love writing, reading and working up a sweat at Zumba. You might bump into me at concerts and the movies or spending time in downtown Milwaukee.

I want women to see how valuable they are, no matter their shape, size or age. At no point in your life do you stop being a woman who deserves love and respect just because your body has changed. At Buxom Boudoir, we’re creating a community that supports, encourages and empowers bad ass babes. I love showing women how sexy they are because of WHO they are. “Sexy women” and “all women” are synonyms to me. All bodies are good bodies, and it’s time we start celebrating them.

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The Boudoir Photography Studio

My boudoir studio is located in my townhouse. Don’t feel like your intruding on my personal space, though! I’ve been working out of my house for a long time, and I’m used to having new people come and go. The studio has a bed with a beautiful leather headboard, a faux wooden floor, a leather chair and a place to change and more.

If you have any questions about boudoir, feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer anything and everything!

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