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A Look Back on 2018

2018 was a BIG year for me and Buxom Boudoir. I quit my job to pursue boudoir photography full-time, I photographed women in Las Vegas, I learned so much from educators, upgraded my equipment and switched up my studio.

2018 was an amazing year, but it was also really flippin’ hard. This entrepreneurial life is stressful, but I finally feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives and helping them. I don’t see how I could go back to anything else.

Thank you to all the babes who trusted me to take their photo this year. My studio wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you. And mega shout out to the babes who are learning to love themselves, whether they did a shoot or not. I hope you’ve gained something from my blog posts, live videos or Facebook posts. I hope 2019 gets you closer to self-love.

I thought it would be fun to twerk down memory lane and check out of my favorite shots from 2018.

couple boudoir shoot in Appleton
This year I started photographing couples. This was taken in a hotel in Appleton, and I adore it. I love the way he’s looking at her and the way she’s making eye contact with the camera. So much emotion!
purple lace bra boudoir shoot
Confetti shaped like boobs, uteri and and labias? You know that had to make the cut!
bridal boudoir for middle aged woman
I love this photo because it’s joyful and proves that women of any age can rock bridal boudoir.
tattoo woman boudoir
This entire session was gorgeous; it was hard to choose just one image from it.
group of women celebrating their bodies
This was the first year I did a group shoot, and I loved it. This group of radiant babes was stellar to photograph and I think we all grew in self-love together.
candle boudoir session
Candles take some time to set up but – dang – are they sexy! Super happy I added them to the studio in 2018.
profile boudoir shot
I met this babe this year, and – boom – instant muse. We shot again for one of my Halloween shoots, and I’d shoot her again in a heartbeat. She’s a hoot.
black and white boudoir portrait in lace lingerie
This was one of my favorite black and white photos from 2018. It’s dreamy and features the lingerie from a local designer.
shower boudoir session
2018 was the first year I shot with my shower set up! Fun fact: it’s not a real shower. It’s a shower door held up by a backdrop stand and sprayed with water.
night time hotel boudoir session
2018 was also the first year I tried night sessions AND shot in Las Vegas. I loved it so much I’m going to shoot again in Las Vegas in 2019.
grandparents anniversary couples photo
No, this isn’t boudoir, but I photographed anniversary photos for my grandparents and I still swoon over them. I was really happy I was able to do something special for them.
couple under the sheets boudoir photo
I hope 2019 keeps the couples sessions coming! I’m a bit head over heels for them.
outdoor boudoir session
This summer I had the honor of photographing a fellow boudoir photographer in the Saukville woods. It was worth every bug bite. I loved the 70s vibe.
crop top boudoir session
I added new decor to the studio this year and really learned how to utilize the space in the last month. I’m stoked to try new things in 2019! Also, this entire session was fire.

What does 2019 hold for you? If it’s a boudoir session, let’s chat!

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