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5 Myths About Boudoir Shoots

Whenever I mention that I own a boudoir studio, I get eyebrow lifts. “So…you shoot naked women? Isn’t that awkward? Are your clients all models?” There’s some confusion about what boudoir is and who can enjoy it. Let’s clear away the misconceptions!

You Need to Be Naked for a Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir isn’t about nudity. It’s more about teasing the camera and being sexy without showing IT ALL. I love doing implied nudity, which is where my client isn’t actually naked but we use posing and props to make it seem like she might be. In the case of a well placed blanket, more actually appears like less – wink wink.

Only Young Women Can Do Boudoir

Any woman can do boudoir, whether you’re twenty years old or sixty! Boudoir has nothing to do with age. Your sexiness has nothing to do with age. Don’t feel like you can’t get beautiful portraits taken because you’re “too old.” That phrase doesn’t exist in my studio.

You Need to be a Model

I think the most intimidating part of getting in front of a camera is the posing. Nobody just knows how to pose; it’s something that’s practiced and learned. I’ll walk you through every pose! You don’t need to be a model to work a photo shoot, you just need a little instruction. I promise it’s not as scary as it seems!

Boudoir Shoots are Something That Need to be a Secret

Boudoir photos can definitely be something you keep private, something you share only with your partner. But boudoir has come a long way, and women want to show off how stunning they are. Women buy and hang prints in their home. They share photos on Facebook and Instagram. Women who feel sexy want to show it off, and that’s totally ok!

Boudoir Is Really Awkward

It’s ok to be a little nervous when you start your shoot. I mean, you’re stripping down to your underwear in front of someone you don’t really know – I get it. But a good boudoir photographer should make you feel comfortable and ease you into the shoot. I like to start in the outfit that is most modest and work towards your more intimate outfits. I always play music, I like to make jokes and I try to keep a party atmosphere going. Once you start shooting, you’ll totally forget how nervous you were when you started!

Hopefully you understand what boudoir is a little better. I’d love to show you in person what it’s all about! Find Buxom Boudoir on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love to keep in touch!


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