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5 More Sexy Photos the Groom Will Love

These photos are sure to surprise and impress your husband-to-be. But more importantly, they’ll show you how unbelievably sexy you are.

1. From the Back

bridal boudoir from the back

I love photos of the back. Facing away from the camera is tantalizing and sensual. You’re teasing the camera. It’s like “what could be on the other side?” Plus, how often do we get to see our sexy backs? Almost never!

2. Your Gorgeous Hair


You took the time to style your hair – let’s show it off! I love photos that show off your stunning locks. Whether your hair is flowing off the bed or blowing in the wind, hair shots are always beautiful.

3. In His Clothes

I love men’s clothes. I love throwing on an oversized tee shirt or sweatshirt and walking around the house or curling up to my husband. Wear his work shirt or favorite jersey during your boudoir shoot, and I promise he’ll love it.

4. Show Off Your Bridal Lingerie


You bought stunning lingerie to wear on your wedding night. Why not get one more use out of it? A shoot in your bridal lingerie serves as the perfect reminder of your wedding night *wink wink.*

5. Implied Nudity

When I shoot boudoir, I never photograph my clients totally in the buff. I love shooting “implied nude,” which is when a client isn’t actually naked, but we pretend she is. Maybe you’re topless, but facing the wall. You have lingerie on, but we place a blanket around you so it looks like you have nothing on. There are lots of ways you can fake nudity without posing nude in front of the camera.

I hope these photos have given you a little inspiration! If you want to see even more, check out the first blog post, “5 Sexy Photos the Groom Will Love.”


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