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5 Badass, Body Positive Women You Need to Follow

Women who promote self-love, self-care or body positivity – you know I’m here for them! It can be hard to love yourself every day, but if you follow these badass women, you might get the daily inspiration you need to keep your body hatred at bay.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

body posi panda
You may know Megan as Bodyposipanda on Instagram. She’s known for her colorful hair, her vibrant energy and, of course, her body positivity. Megan is an anorexia survivor and has spent the last 3 years embracing her belly rolls and cellulite. Her Instagram account is filled with photos and memes that will inspire you, make you laugh and help you realize that those “flaws” you have are actually beautiful and normal.

Michelle Elman

scarred not scared
Michelle is a body confidence coach who has survived 15 surgeries (which is baddass!). Her body has been permanently scarred from these surgeries, which inspired the name of her Instagram account scarrednotscared. According to her website, “Scarred Not Scared was born out of Michelle’s desire to start a conversation around surgery scars and the side effects operations can have on a person’s life. It was a personal mission for Michelle and she has undergone 15 surgeries herself. By the age of 20, she had had a brain tumour, a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel, a cyst in her brain and a condition called Hydrocephalus. Since showing her scars in a bikini and sharing her story, she has been praised as a body confidence role model, having been chosen as one of the top body positive moments of 2015 by Cosmopolitan.” Her social media will teach you how to accept and embrace the body you have – scars and all.

Jazzmyne Robbins

jazmyne robbins
Jazzmyne is a video producer at Buzzfeed, and she’s appeared in a ton of Youtube videos. She’s always promoting confidence and self-love, and even when she shows vulnerability when discussing her body shape, she’s incredibly inspiring. You’ll look at Jazzmyne and think “yeah, I can do that!” I find her wardrobe to be especially badass. She gives 0 f***s about what plus size women are “supposed” to wear. I own several crop tops now because of her.

Milly Smith

Milly Smith is a blogger and the IGer known as selfloveclubb. She’s a badass momma promoting body positivity, mental health awareness and chronic illness awareness. She posts a lot of side by side selfie photos, often taken hours or minutes apart, to show how deceiving “perfect bodies” on social media can be, and she states that both bodies deserve love and care.

Dana “HotPants”

Dana is a feminist, an event producer, a speaker and the founder of #MyBodyStory series on Instagram. She shares tons of stories from other women who are on a self-love journey. Also, I love that her account highlights women dealing with body positivity outside of just weight. She’s sharing stories from women with acne, crooked teeth, scars and more. The body pos movement shouldn’t just be about weight; it’s about everything that causes us to tear down ourselves. She also shares funny twitter jokes, so if you need a laugh, check her out.

Hope you’re feeling inspired!


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